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The Tassle Is Worth the Hassle

The Tassle Is Worth the Hassle

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Has God called you to full-time Christian work? Are you preparing for ministry? Has God led you to a Bible college? Besides your B.A., M.Ed., or D.D. degree, make sure you receive the W.D. degree – “well done” degree! It’s not well begun but well done! Christianity is made up of great finishers not great starters. You want to become one of them.

This booklet is a must for all serious Bible college students, parents, and youth workers. Many invested hours must be poured into a life before they even get to Bible college. Let’s not lose the investment once they get there. This booklet contains common reasons why students do not finish college and points out land mines to avoid. It’s a great tool and a great gift. This message has been preached at many Bible colleges around the nation. 

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