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Soul Winning: the Heart of God  

Soul Winning: the Heart of God  

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In this age of mass evangelism and media preachers, it seems the art of personal soul winning has fallen by the wayside. A great majority of all Christians have never led another person to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This must break God’s heart! In this insightful book, Michael Ray inspires the church to renew its zeal for lost souls. This practical guide will be a valuable tool – from the person who has never led another to Christ to the experienced soul winner alike. 


Convincing. Inspiring. Challenging. Motivating. Heartwarming. These words describe the book Soul Winning: the Heart of God by Pastor Mike Ray. I highly recommend this book to every reader. Not only did it speak to me personally, but I am very excited about getting this book into the hands of every one of our church members.”

- Pastor Jack Trieber (Santa Clara, CA)


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