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Facets of Christ

Facets of Christ

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Character Traits of the Son of God

Do you want to be more like Jesus in your everyday life? I suppose most Christians would answer, “Yes.” But to be like someone, you must first know what that person is like. For us to be like Jesus, we must have an intimate knowledge of who He is and how He lived life. The Scriptures are full of examples of how Jesus lived daily life. His words and deeds comprise an example so we could follow in His steps and walk in His victory rather than trudge through a defeated “Christian” life. During His thirty-three-year life and ministry, Jesus was a multifaceted individual Who was a leader, a friend, and a problem solver. He demonstrated His joy, His kindness, His prayer life, and His love of truth. Facets of Christ explores hundreds of facets of the life of our Savior and presents how they are to be our guide in every situation of life. 

This volume is destined to become the standard for devotions, Bible studies, and anyone seeking to know the true character of Jesus Christ.


Mike Ray is a man who has a heart for God and a burning desire to help God’s people know the joy of living for Christ. Facets of Christ will show any believe the all-sufficiency of our Savior.

 - Dr. Paul Chappell

Pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church

I am thrilled that Dr. Mike Ray has taken the time to share the great truths that he has learned about the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that the reading of Facets of Christ will make you love Him more, and as a result, will help you to share Him with many others.

 - Dr. Don Sisk

President Emeritus of Baptist International Missions, Inc.

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