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Basic Training for Sunday School Teachers

Basic Training for Sunday School Teachers

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Imagine how you would feel…you volunteer for the army and ten minutes later, someone hands you a weapon and sends you into battle saying, “I’m sure you’ll do a great job! Besides, we really need you in there.” You would think it was a ridiculous way to fight a battle. At least they could have provided some basic training to help you survive and to be more effective. 

That is exactly what this book is about! Basic Training for Sunday School Teachers will provide the tools necessary to teach effectively, to maintain your class’s attention, to be well-prepared and to lead your class members to Christ. This is a one-of-a-kind book to prepare you to be victorious in the real battle of the ages…the battle for men’s souls. 

Pastor Mike Ray is a great teacher! This is awesome material! It is a practical, essential resource for any Sunday school teacher or bus worker, new or seasoned.” – Teen Sunday school teacher for over 10 years 

This is a book all teachers (experienced or just beginning) should read and refer to on a regular basis.” – Educator for 32 years

I have never read anything better concerning Sunday school! I wish someone would have handed me this manual when I began teaching 28 years ago!” – Pastor 

Reading this book has helped me realize the seriousness of my ministry teaching Sunday school and the need to better prepare my lesson so students make decision for Christ.” – Church staff member
I can’t wait to put this book into the hands of every one of my Sunday school teachers!” – Christian education director 
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