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Hopewell Ministries

A Christian Funeral

A Christian Funeral

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Funerals were not part of God’s original design. They were never meant to be. Originally, there was never to be any death or disease, pain, or sorrow. When Adam and Eve sinned, it plunged the entire human race into chaos. That’s why at every funeral we feel betrayed, angry, hurt, and confused. Ever since their sin, death has always been an unwelcome intruder and uninvited guest. We know he is coming but are always shocked at his arrival… 

May this book help you prepare to perform or speak at a funeral and to be ready for your own funeral. 

Uses for this book:

·      Written guidelines for what you want done and said for your own funeral

·      Nuggets of help to comfort those before, during, and after funerals of their loved ones

·      To give you wise words to say

·      A manual for pastors

·      A textbook for Bible colleges 

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